The Free Market site presents a strategy to curb and reverse the drift into Socialism in America. If this is of concern to you, you are likely to find useful tools here for helping your employees or associate members to be better informed on the struggle for ideas in America.
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Welcome to Free-Market-Test™

Welcome to the Free-Market assessment and education center. This site exists to aid business owners and managers in stemming the tide of Socialist-style thinking sweeping through America and to aid in restoring a sound free-market perspective for matters related to the operation of businesses and civil government. The material contained herein would also be important to conservative-minded elected officials and their constituents. The views promoted herein are derived from the historic, orthodox, Judeo-Christian worldview.

America became the strongest and most generous nation on earth by practicing self-governing rules of behavior accompanied by the private sector and governing authorities following what is generally known as the Austrian free-market school of economics. In the past several years, but especially in the last few, there has seemingly been an intentional shift in thinking by government leaders in our nation to have the government, especially at the federal level, assume more oversight, more control and more punitive actions brought against the private sector for business operations and results deemed not in the best interest of government policy. This gives cause for grave concerns regarding the future of America and liberties for all.

The purpose of this site is two-fold:

  • Provide an assessment tool for business organizations to gauge the level of understanding of the free-market system of economics within their organization, and
  • Provide a brief instructional course of free-market philosophy on topics related to a market-based economy and other social issues necessary for a free society to exist and prosper.

The starting point is to have owners and senior management take the Free-Market test, by clicking on the "Start Here" tab and following the directions given.

The Sample Scorecard shows the makeup of how the Scorecard appears. This report will instantly appear upon completion of your test. In addition to the Scorecard, you will receive an Interpretation Report giving detailed instructions for reading the three sections. This will be followed by a report containing the test items for follow-up review.

The Real Time Report tab provides a 'live data' report showing actual results by industry classification. The data is updated after each testing session is completed.

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