The Free Market site presents a strategy to curb and reverse the drift into Socialism in America. If this is of concern to you, you are likely to find useful tools here for helping your employees or associate members to be better informed on the struggle for ideas in America.
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The first step for using the Free Market test is to register your company, in the Company Registration tab. This is a one-time step. IMPORTANT: A unique password will be generated for your company. It is intended that this password be restricted to a key individual in the company (owner/officer). This password will provide access to summary reports for all group testing done within the company, from here forward. Procedures for group testing are explained below. No individual results will be accessible either at the company level or at the group level. Only the individuals taking the test will receive their personal results.

The next step is to have a group within the company (Executive Team, Sales Department, Human Resources, Manufacturing, etc.) purchase a test session. This requires that one person serve as Test Proctor, who will be given a group number and password for the test session and who will have access to group summary reports. Ordering a session requires the proctor's name, email address and the Company ID (from the registration process). Payment for the tests may be by credit card or PayPal. Payment by check is also permitted, but must be done by calling the Free-Market site administration, 1-800-948-3101.

With confirmation of payment, an email will be sent to the Proctor giving the password for the test session. The email will contain a unique password for the test session (different from the Company password) and should be saved.

The test contains 40 test items and requires approximately 15-20 minutes for completion. At the end of the test, the person will click on "Submit Test" and immediately will receive a PDF report consisting of three parts: (a printer must be accessible from the computer being used for taking the test).

  1. Free-Market Test Scorecard
  2. Interpretation of results report
  3. Copy of test items for follow-up review

When members of the group have finished taking the test, the Proctor will be able to run several group summary reports by clicking on the Group Results tab. Note: No individual results will be displayed or be accessible by the Proctor.

The Company Reports tab, accessible only by the individual with the Company password, will be able to run a company summary report showing results for all Group sessions conducted within the company. The primary purpose of this information is to provide direction for follow-up training needs.

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